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released June 22, 2008



all rights reserved


funky49 Tampa, Florida

funky49 is a rapper and science enthusiast living in Tampa, FL. He has presented at TEDx, Fermilab, and the National Academy of Sciences. He was named a “Nerdcore Hip-Hop All Star” by Wired magazine. He has performed at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and geek-friendly concerts such as Nerdapalooza. His album Starblazer is available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. ... more

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Track Name: Starblazer [2009 mixdown]
RIP, Columbia
RIP, Challenger
RIP, Apollo One
on the pad lost but not forgotten

rappin' your face off from outer space
yeah i'm nice dont make me tell you twice
blackhole, whitehole, mic control

NASA's first MC, rhyme voyager
billions and billions I destroy ya
wave motion gun, tons of fun
slingshot effect around the sun
shootin' pro-tawns, fightin Cy-lawns
why is this all gone so wrong?
so in song, cross event horizon,
find pride in beats and rhymin, yo
say hello to that fellow, Deltron
genetically optimized like Khan
I'm the rhymer super-collider
climbing grim to get some lime Starblazin'


dilithium crystals, laser pistols,
space waste makes me bristle
one visit to trash dump Earth
recognize what a planet's worth
earthlings, knee deep in things
in orbit there's garbage rings
previous generations wasters
slowly killing mother nature
for every sky-high Utopian city
live peeps in wastelands you pity
like Flanders, okely dokely
think globally, act nobly, locally

Mission Control... This is Apollo 49.
We have a problem....

i wanna launch... i wanna launch
i wanna launch right now,
into space and i'm never coming down
Starblazer is the name I'm known
hijack the track, tempo and microphone, Imma
space raver with a pack of Life Savers
Wint-O-Green, that's my flavor
Tri- bo- luminescence
science, is the coolest to mess with
Judy Jetson is next on my list to kiss
Trillian, a must on the list of bliss
oh please keep ya Six's and Three's
give me Starbuck with a side of Dee
Keep the cheerleader, *she's just a girl*
Nikki Sanders rocks my world
Kaylee, baby, work my engine while
the Fifth Element - gets my attention
you'll find me, in my galactic mansion
chillin with *all* the Doctor's companions
my next song's about Amy Wong
gettin' lost in Carrie Anne Moss' thong

tempo 108->118
verse3, 12bars

space radiation cause mutation,
deformation, in every case and
race to my asteriod plantation to
recreationally practice procreation
without provocation, subjugation from
alien nation-state corporation
intimindation wanting strangulation, of my
respiration, abbreviation of my
life, I want no limitatations, just
jubliation and celebration,
drinkin' libations, rockin' Playstation,
full of elation - Starblazin'
Track Name: Digital Life
No stress, no strife, it's a digital life x4

digitally alive, packed in the sack
on my back, i'm on track so get back
with my glasses on i'm studious, scholastic
rhymes approach dramatic, drastic
right with blinding white iPod from Apple,
cool like Snapple, i'm on the WAP, fool
packets quick snap, flash memory supplements
like vitamin, firewall up they're not invited in
'lectrical toys and tools, utilitarian, a pleasure
read the white paper for good measure, never
stoppin' hip-hop or droppin' laptops
Ah-kee-habara, my Tokyo stop
cables where they gotta be,
wireless when they can be,
see me, be me, cause the future is me,
Good UI is the way I roll,
wheeled luggage is the way I roll,

No stress, no strife, it's a digital life x4

Lithium-ion juice, gettin' me loose,
always locomotive never(ever) caboose
having my will with mega-pix-ills, chill,
I think Uma's gonna Kill Bill
never a riddle when it comes to tech
never retail, connect direct with the net
book flights and cars online, best deals
you call them steals how I got my wheels
and my wings, e-payments is my thing,
direct deposit for my dollar, cha-ching!
purpose with design, form with function
Treo email even at a nice luncheon
Goog'Map, Double True, I'm sayin to you
the revolution is now YouTube
you can call me, one and zero hero
gettin Joost while you fiddle like Nero

No stress, no strife, it's a digital life x4

HDTVs, plasma, LCD
1080p banshees squawk at me,
to bleed cheese, on a tv need
hook'em all up to my PS3
no worries no strife on what this life brings
make it better with technological things
luddites never havin' the satisfaction
of watching digital life be in action
no stress!

No stress, no strife, it's a digital life x4
Track Name: Milk and Doo Doo
Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x2 - half speed
Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x4 - double speed

I don't smoke bowls or choke when I mic control
Just smoke sub amps when bass I dole
Living my life eighty-hertz at a time and
Between making beats I spit some rhymes and
I'm never movin keys, beans, or ounces
It's the woofer cones that I be bouncin'
Like Tigger, quick fingers when its bass I trigger
My woofers getting' big - my woofer's getting' bigger

Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x2 - half speed
Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x4 - double speed

Nothing ever hits like 08s from Roland
You play this song loud, your mom is scoldin'
Recommended dosage, two letters, OD
Hard bass, funky rhythms be captivating me
the only time and place that I'll hit the pause
is when I move your doo doo - into your drawers
this goes out to the hatchbacks an' Coupe De's,
sedans, wagons, SUVs and hoopties

Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x2 - half speed
Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x4 - double speed

granny panties got my doo doo / tighty-whities got my doo doo

SPL goes up, blows up I'm not stoppin
bass for your face London I'm dropping, love
bumpin' round town Beastie Boys, vi-
bratin' the place like I'm an adult toy, my
frequencies, sweet harmonically
effecting the girlies, biologically
this track, for all the cuties
bass for ya face so move ya booties

Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x2 - half speed
Milk, milk, lemonade - round the corner fudge is made x4 - double speed
Track Name: funky49, mc wreckshin, betty rebel, mCRT, sir-up - Capture the Day (featuring mc wreckshin, betty rebel, mCRT, sir-up)
Back in the day before I found my voice
I had fun with all my toys,
now i'm older and its harder to play
still got memories of yesterday

south jersey, little stevie of 83
playing D&D or atari
Star Blazers on my tv
David King had a Tandy pc,
we played King's Quest 2 and 3
Power 99 FM from Philly, with the
Liberty Bell, Magnavox boombox
rocked well, now I dwell and tell
nanny had her wigs and her dentures
I'm still Choosing My Own Adventure
me and my cousins flipped our lids
one Easter it was Garbage Pal Kids
Soundwave, my favorite Transformer
Eagles Green jacket keepin' me warmer
Pac-Man games - with that - one girl
Roos on my feet so cares in the world, cause
Track Name: Electric Voodoo Superstition
Electric Voodoo Superstition

mixing drum and bass up in the hip hop place
funky49 and redvoid, are back up in your face
bring back the beat once again
mix up a batch of electric voodoo supertition
808s are live and kicking tracks that will make you shake your ass
feel the bass ignite and shatter glass
power of the groove, finesse to make it smooth
get nuts get up get out the way move
rhythm and walls will feel the earth pound
we get down to the sound of the underground
lift your voices and let your voice be heard,
we're mixing phat cerebrals like the player known as bird
mixing up dope faster than the Smith Kline
this track will jack you up faster than a white line
this ain't no corporate profit bullshit Glaxo
these are the tracks that we're putting on wax yo
I get up, I get down to the sound of the underground
I am the mastermind
the sizzle of the hats
the snare that goes THWACK
the rhythm the rhyme on my dime, one two
whatcha you gonna do drum and bass is in front of you
confronting you with the fusion of the blending of the two
styles that I kick and I stick in your face
the beats that we are dropping gonna tear up the place
resisting all the categories before us
do not ignore us
or risk the fate of having all your fans adore us
I came up with this groove just thinking what I thought might be cool
next thing you know the groove is making other MCs drool
you wanna know what we call this magic potion
moving your soul just like a ship the sails the ocean
evoking a sense of street with intelligence to stir your mind
the energy to move your behind you'll find

To all the
ladies in the place on extasy, standing next to me,
always touching me, rubbin me, wantin' me,
to have a good time but I got my mind on the bassline
cookin' Betty Crocker rhymes, yo is that a crime?
This is funky49, check the dot com
I bust a lotta nut, check the condom
burn my mp3s to your cd-roms
south jersey now tampa where i'm coming from
i'm never afraid to grab a pad and a pen
or hit rewind and then do it again
ARF stands for, Alien Rhyme Form
Redvoid, four-nine against the norm
be it living room or car on leather sits my ass
funds, stocks, real estate appreciates my cash
my APR low, my IQ high,
always smelling fresssh is my brown eye
my third eye, never blind, i'm never unkind
two kissing girls hell i don't mind
my thoughts contemporary, face never scary
you strip first before you dare bare me
these sounds are rarely heard on FM frequencies
we dip into the underground frequently
traveling around the world and the seven seas
droppin' verse written down or freestylee
wether we go half-tempo or staccatto
the drum and bass damn speeds up my libedo
fingers never yellow with the Chee-to
my flows, LFOs are always free tho
from 20 to 20 thousand hertz, you're hearing me
Presi- dente, Dos Equis, you're beering me
no guns or knives, no need to be fearing me
on stage or in the car, i know you're cheering me
feel the filter sweep back in the cheap seats
bringing all kind of rhymes to all kind of beats
bringing all kind of lines to all kind of styles
and bringing caffiene so we can stay wild
Redvoid gets A's in his D's and B's
never met a girl, didn't want to be with me
pleasant surprises are waiting for me
pleasant girls thighs are shaking for me
my thoughts, girls come quick like a DJs hand
TCPIP Hos say "Four-Nine's the man!"
cause I stand up straight, rhyme no flinchin
on this Electric Voodoo Superstition
Track Name: Design Within Rhyme
Check out the way I design, use my mind, come inside this time, you'll be surprised,
mesmerized, till you cry, red-void, yeah yeah yeah yeah, hellva guy
Check out the way I design, use my mind, come inside this time, you'll be surprised,
mesmerized, till you cry, four-nine, yeah yeah yeah yeah, hellva guy

yo, i be on toppa this beat, unique to the hip hop freaks, think before you speak
brain force choose it, use it, before you lose it, don't bruise it, whos this?
microphone fiend in ya dreams, steam from engines, tight suspension
heavy on the throttle, never on the bottle, that's your lesson, now i'm testin'
what's the result, it's positive, four nine in rhyme time with the redvoid, we
beastie boys with beastly toys, hedonistic livin we enjoy
still never afraid to grab a pad and a pen, steal a sample now and again
morph - art with the science of defiance of this and that, i say amen

young enough to be doing it often, old enough to do it awesome
my beats hard, never gonna soften, all I know - how to do - is blossom
funky Skywalker, Redvoid Kenobi, they don't knooow, who we be
or how we party - never race in the street just PS3 Gran Tu-ris-mo see?
check out the way that I design the sound earning me a hip-hop crown
my stink green, your stink brown, I'm Steve Carlton on the pitcher's mound
new but classic like Nas and Ra' - I'm that Earth, Wind "Shinin' Sta'",
Oh-la-di, oh-la-dah, Dungeon Dragon goes Rawh Rawh
**checka break

four nine sweet like Disaronna and Coke down your throat, no joke, we going for broke, make it
rain on parades, tear up lame brains who stain the rap atmosphere, we have no fear,
keep our people near and spit vemon at back stabbers, back turners, puttin' us on the back burner,
they're crack burners, we slap spurners, we stack earners, assertive learners, you can't hurt us
ask about the time four nine rhyme for Chuck D, that's me getting pics took with Flavor Flav,
the way the day weighed, the enslaved prayed for traditions of spittin all day
and all night in sight of rap pinnacles, from mountains to rivers, stages coast to coast,
dont mean to brag, don't mean to boast, redvoid four nine damn rock the most
Track Name: We Making Tracks
Oscillator, Innovator, got love, no haters
What - ever - the genre - that - we cater
Got beats, got bass, got rhymes, by batches
Got samples in tune, synths full of patches
High torque, low noise, Beasties, our boys
our studios got all the toys
the woofer, the bass, the tweeter, the treble
the rhythm, the rebel - decibel, my level
keys black, keys white, minor thirds, all night
targeting, emotions, like flight, or fight
E, or X, the drugs - that roll
Red Void and Four-Nine with the mic control
MIDI, control, twenty-four, open channels
EQ on mixers, virtual patch panels
Technics, times two, stable turntables
doing what we're doing cause we're willing and able


Rock over Chicago, Rock over Detroit
Orlando break beat always on point
Beats diced, beats spliced, beats paid the price
Mash up, recombine, till it sounds nice
Hands, on clock, rhymes, on time,
crate dig for sounds that are covered in grime
we got the juice, labor, induced
angles and people can be obtuse
45's, 33's, b-sides, pride
keep a good mix to make the crowd alive
the peace, the love, respect, unity
you don't know what the bassline does to me.
Drum machine, drum sounds, many drum patterns,
kicks, snares, in space, like Saturn
Crossfader, effects, noise gates, patch cables
doing what we're doing cause we're willing and able


ground rule, we're prime, we rule, sublime
Still cool, hard times, slide rule, our time
New school, bassline, True school, my rhymes
Screw fools, their crimes, they drool, the slime
new coup, my mind, synth line, we bind
never maligned, patch change assigned
Ideas, you'll cheer, no fears, no worry
Vision is straight, no blur, no blurry
gave heart, gave brains, gave ideas, gave soul
givin' dance to the kids who still roll
gave luck, gave love, gave tears, gave fears,
givin' love to the ones who we hold dear
gave talent, gave skills, gave blood, gave spit,
givin' props to the peeps who ever gave a shit
gave beats, gave rhymes, gave lust, gave trust
givin' love to the ones no longer with us

Track Name: funky49, redvoid, mc jeffZ - Tesseract Travelers
A WRINKLE IN RHYME - Redvoid, MC jeffZ, funky49

garage kept primer device growing mold, changing watches
travel back to the era popular with swatches
so hard travel back to whack my gramps
paradox fade out, revel and dance
U Haul storage space for my time machine
failsafe box, my world line clean
last version of events, the one that sticks
Groundhog Day skill works with the chicks
travel back to hack my stock portfolio,
cash stacks phat no lack in Monte Carlo
travel forward bitin' the dopest styles
drop future music stylee til you go buckwild

faster than light, younger than my twin, back to the
future as a child flyin streamers on my Schwinn
parallel universes, where goats can talk
buffalos sing and the clocks can walk
use more Spice than Navigators folding space in Dune
connect blackholes in distant nebulas, pop enemies when I tune
cross event horizon into the wormhole
more alter egos than Beavis as Cornholio
stow away on shuttle missions, I be jackin gear
armed break in and entry of space station Mir
indeterminite probabilities I take in stride
joined the 15 mile high club with Sally Ride
Quantum consciousness my mind, unstuck in time
future, past probabilities, ride and glide
my bio's harder to follow than zero grav gel
I traveled time more than a character by H.G. Wells

HOOK (whispered)
there is such a thing as a tesseract
there is such a thing as a tesseract (whatsis?!)
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Which?!
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Who?!)

Who woulda thunk it, causality we sunk it
if time travel exists theoretically *
then perhaps its a truelife reality *
Traveling thru time as relative as this rhyme
Going anytime no I mean like anytime
just be pulling that ludicrous speed out our hats
100 years into the future in 10 seconds flat
Splitting up s-time like a check among friends
These lyrical implications ill like the bends
time machines flowing as easy as HTML
building reality to order like Dell
time travel for everybody well maybe
set of choices infinite as pre shady
[Be funny bein waiter at my parents first date
Everything I’m doing it’s just my new fate
As you hear this I’m probably cruising right now
So much to do can’t slow down now]
So let me turn over the keys to funky49
So he can drop some more temporal rhymes

HOOK (whispered)
there is such a thing as a tesseract
there is such a thing as a tesseract (whatsis?!)
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Which?!
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Who?!)

my words bend time-space like the Tardis
jeff z, redvoid, four nine super artists
we time travel, making shit re-arranged
Biggie Smalls sayin' "Things Done Changed'"
great power come great responsiblity
capabilities of dementisonal mobility
not a theory see, the feasibility
is certainly a viability of ability, believe me (believe me)
sci-fi gave me the information
to stay away from cliche temptations
don't want travels back to bet on sports
no paradoxes blowing things outta sorts
don't want twelve monkeys humpin' me
just want the future the best it can be
still got thoughts that walk a fine line
cause I think about deltas, to my time line

[[funky49]] - verse two
on my brain, timeline changes, rearranges,
possibilities bugging me like taking Jenny
to the prom, no loan shark extortions,
(pause) what if I didn't fund a friend's abortion?
damned dangerous thinking, what-if,
chances missed, girls not kissed, gettin' yourself pissed,
hurt like pulled sutures can't change the past,
ya know what? you can change the future

(outro - whispered)
there is such a thing as a tesseract
there is such a thing as a tesseract (whatsis?!)
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Which?!
there is such a thing as a tesseract (Who?!)
Track Name: Samurai L. Jackson
Samurai L. Jackson Lyrics (unified) inspired by afro samurai

attack from the unconscious
REDVOID [bar 5]
literal subliminal, physical unpredictable
sword swings cut the marrow of the typical
direct attack fly flow through the air psycho
primitive haiku lyrically tear through
feel the force flow through anima, animus
chi redirected lifeforce so powerful
mystical disciplined training is my credo
disciple of my sensei focused in my mentai

FUNKY49 [bar 13]
head scratching all over academia
what's ramen doin' with sickle cell anemia?
understand Tarantino ripping up Cannes
but what's hip hop doing in Feudal Japan?
cell phones on samurai surprise guys
first thing returns for the reprise
trained members of the warrior caste
blast fast, leave ya aghast, surpassed

REDVOID [bar 21]
fly on the wind bat sonar, no harm
comes to the innocent surgical, calculated
deliver the archaic, voice of the scrolls
precision blade rolls stinging evil where it strolls
run walls, corridors, rooftops, whisper
feel the force disperse my enemies blister
elders, spirits, kami of the rivers
dreamscapes my habitat pushing hands throw back

FUNKY49 [bar 29]
grenades getting spraayed all over like Glaade
quick movements displayed with folded blade
watch the blood shed, rivers run red
men get bled from throat and head
drink faaaaav be lemonaaaade
waxin' number one is the crusaaade
kah-tana slice nice through the drama
Enola Gay the Hiroshima bomba

REDVOID [bar 37]
Bushido saga blade my katana
guardians of the order death with honor
living as if dead ritual suicide
every sense unloads my warrior code
objects entering my circle dodge intuitive
metaphysical struggle burning reversals
samurai solitude tiger in the jungle
reputation scifi hip hop dynasty

FUNKY49 [bar 45]
in the middle path is where I staaand
fourty-nine stamped on my headbaaand
compose rhymes, flow on Bushido codes
bringin damage against, all my foes
hand grips a sword, that's a Shure
deliver vocals hot mics fry like tempura
questioning whats in my backpack
((do ya really want to ask that?))

REDVOID [bar 53]
Akira Kurosawa knows this throw this lunge at my weakness
counter stance deadly dance
sets the tone poem energy blown
take down sliced moan tomb of soldier unknown
ignorance can never overcome the true path
way lighted up before me, tiptoe bamboo staff
defeat your ninja powers burning towers of
Japanese history cybernetic energy

FUNKY49 [bar 61]
chi day energy circulating through me
though negativity can get to me
hoodie on, beast protection with fleece
not sure if I'm ever gonna find my peace
so drawstrings drawn like guns akimbo
to blow away foes with eyes that glow
protect ya neck, wu tang clan preaches
grasshopper to RZA the hip hop teacher

REDVOID [bar 69]
robosamurai ai cannot defeat me
wetware superiority otaku sensibility
revisionist history tranform my memory
anachronistic literary neural assymetry
mashup opposites make dialectic synergy
unrestricted technology animanga morphology
engines of creation symbiotic nanobots
engineered celluloids open source midi-chlorians

FUNKY49 [bar 77]
kitties in the place, i'll get ya tail waggin
ladies in the place, I got a hidden dragon
so start crouching in front to please me
disrobe slow so you can tease me
hot like wasabi, call your mommie
roll ya in the bed we make a tsunami
no stopping till groupies flight path
goes from autographs to bubble baths
bring girls back to dojo, take off clothes
dress'em in komonos so only toes show

REDVOID [bar 89]
flowing through my bloodstream ghettoblaster freestyle
cosplay kids at harajuko station
transhuman immortality lunatic psyche
spiritual kanji my archetypal liturgy
mudra shakti shiva table drumming
universe imploding evolution reloading
creation of the cosmos prana to praxis
mutron metastasis shinto telekinesis
Track Name: RPG
[funky49] verse1
making saving throws, saving my bros
got chain mail, while ditching my clothes
carry magic torch underwater it glows
brought along a mage for the spells he knows
wielding my sword, makin' them blows
three 6s - my strength - my muscle - shows
range weapons hit, deadly long bows
were-creatures hit with silver tip arrows
dungeons a breeze, grabbin that cheese
more spell componets, what my mage needs
making lots of hits, makin' creatures bleed
because our greed their gold they cede
in common language i hear their pleeds
got my mind on their money, mind on mead
with enough clerics, we will succeed
with enough XP next level I exceed

[redvoid] verse1
my party is skilled and our strategy is tight
bringing points loaded feats to the barbaric fight
equipped to the hilt with mad gold and weaponry
we got about a half a million ways to slay thee
beating boss after boss and I'm leveling up
I got the magic cup to trade up at the shop
my sword never stops unless I counter with the mace
Jack up attacks with magic spells and ruin the place
we're looting town after town and the countryside
our scope is wide the map has no place for anything to hide
swarm through the caverns with devastating power
kill the residents take their treasure chests and seize the tower
information we glean from the gossiping townfolk
is used to find the melee action locations that we leave smoked
more gems are the method we imbue our swords with
to cause more pain and suffering than light sabers swung by the sith

[funky49] verse2
hack and slash, mad dash for cash fighter flies
don't care when I hear - "Valkrie is about to die!"
Out to get loot and points for experience
Ignore orc hoards take out the pimp, limp
back and get some healing from the cleric
Neutral-Good alignment, that is my schtick
three cheers cause we back from the dungeon
Fighting dragons, magic items plunderin'
collectin' gold, gems and a bit of fame
Peep my character sheet to know my name
Got armor, shields just to protect my ass
Ya know the aim's to decrease armor class
my blood is chilled tho loyal to my Guild
My charisma nice and my cup is filled
With contributions and dollars
my NPCs guaranteed to make ya holla

[redvoid] verse2
chaotic neutral, my alignment
dexterity my broad sword shows refinement
my strength crushes right through any chain mail
two fisted swings dropping orcs I assail
glowing circle around my feet protection spell
bodies piled up in heaps burning is the smell
necromance the dead leige is what I summon
my stealth feat so high you wont see me comin
mad intelligence bolsters my accuracy
word on the street we're heroes legendary
collecting up all the lost broken shards
the daggers stabbing in your back are from my thief bard
my crew's got my back in the melee blizzard
magic blasts never slack from my wizards
jump from gate to gate and save point to point
navigate the maps deep when we wreck the joint

White dragons breath ice, Red does fire
sucker MCs all call me sire
defile my kingdom, you must use fire
I don't stop gamin' till I retire!

Critical hits you know I'm throwing twenties
Collecting loot, I'm blowing up mummies
In town pimpin, you know I'm ho-ing hunnies
Robbin' townfolk sayin' GIMMIE THAT MONEY
monsters I'm hobblin' - striking hob-goblins
over their dead bodies ya know I'm robbin'
so you see me playing the RPGs
using my brain for strategy
throwin dice with many different faces
playin' characters of different races
Dungeon Master, being a bastard to me
rolling dice behind the screen so I can't see
at the local tavern, my character gets a brew
at home, underage I down a Mountain Dew

to find all the secret hiding spots unseen
the gold we hold is getting huge getting obscene
parry search set traps you can't ignore
our quests are the origins of myth and lore
cloaked stranger robbing tombs rings on the shelf
poison attacks zombie doom archer half elf
recharge my mana with mystical charms accellerated
many sided die throws my software automated
Track Name: Wack Attack
I got so much trouble on my mind
refuse to lose,
here's your ticket
hear the drummer get wicked.

GE machine puffing me
homeland security - suffering me
how much did that GE machine cost?
how much indignity you think got lost?
set up causality, make net neutrality
a reality, net's freedom a fatality
wack attack on no-bid contracts that
smack of deals done in the back
Why is Free Tibet and East Turkistan
hard to digest like a can of Spam?
whyyy criminaliiize use of a plant
cause big pharma isn't in that camp?
Ken Lay got paid bet he faked his dying
ain't lyin', thousand peeps can't retire
we stuck in iraq in the muck and mire,
I got fam behind barbed wire

don't raise your kids to hate, man
parent talking from Klan to Palestinian
german countryside got pride in wind turbines
nuclear power, my country's denied
independence, cleaner energy, we're doing penance
to rich oil companies, wallet attendants
DMCA doesn't serve me, just companies
controllin' the gov'ment puppet see?
they're paying off the taxpayer hive
acceptin Chinese financed rebate bribes
buyin Chinese TVs to put in their lives
national debt, we're just getting behind
lowest in savings, people still slaving
all time productive to give to their cravings
not me see, I'm droppin' baggage
hip-hop is my stimulus package



Patriot Act, lets the feds wire tap,
having an opinion, now a criminal act.
[Patriot Act lets the fed wire tap / got an opinion? that's a criminal act]
Ya bet your company's spyin' on you online,
If you blog, you get fired, possibly fined.
Abdel-Karim like some Orwellian dream,
Thrown in jail for not joining the Mubarak team.
Got gypped in Egypt, he's not alone,
Can't even count how many people China has thrown
In the pen for criticizing government,
Thanks to Yahoo, it happens again.
Viacom they dropped a lawsuit bomb
on YouTube, ignored their own dotcom
Record labels makin you fail, ask Dick Dale,
You're gonna get poisoned if you drink from that grail,
Michael Richards hates blacks, Mel Gibson hates Jews,
And you can't believe one fuckin' thing on Fox News.

Creationsts in Kansas gettin' me pissed,
Want our schools raisin' fools who think evolution doesn't exist,
And we can't take our lessons for granted,
Decide whether Pluto's a planet, dammit!
Gas prices up, my computer sucks,
Bush tries to buy your loyalty with six hundred bucks,
As if we won't notice he does stuff that we hate,
"I fucked you in the ass, now here's your rebate."
Speedy Gonzales tried to cover his tracks,
When he fired attorneys who weren't right-wing hacks.
Billions spent to feed the people in Iraq,
When food's something that people in our country lack.
Monsanto is trying to copyright seeds,
Make farmers pay them when they need to feed,
Salmonella outbreaks, stuff kills you when chewed,
Now it ain't even safe to eat fuckin' dog food.


Dem baby-kissers playing this made up game

Pandering pushing plans all the same
2 parties, just seems outdated
its windows 3 for xp rated
need total recall that governator do

elect whoever we choose to
healthcare system needs patches (huh?)
Like carlin says, "its bad for ya"
total overhaul needed of legal construct
simply too many ways to get (you know)
The schools get weakened like chris reeve

so better loving science - ask jeeves
somebody pls! mandate all clean energy

so we be ready for 10-9
cuz I will tell you what is the bottom line

it aint about the bottom line
Track Name: So Hip Hop
I'm so hip hop...
I hung the clock on Flavor Flav
Chuck D was only a Private Enemy before he met me
The Fat Boys were skinny, till I fed them my phat beats
and it was ladies like cool james,
I made him loveable.

I'm so hip hop...
I told the Beastie Boys to Check Their Heads
while at Paul's Boutique and speak
some Ill Communciation like
answering the phone Hello Nasty,
To the Five Boroughts
and that Licened to Ill airplane? I
crashed it... and took the picture

I'm so hip hop...
I put the Untouchable in the
Force Organization and I
wore the first Kangol hat
i introduced electronics to Kraftwerk and
Kraftwerk to Bambatta
and asked Busy Bee what's his zodiac sign

I'm so hip hop...
I gave JOG-DMC Adidas and made them RUN.
It was Erick and Parrish making Donuts until i came along...
and he was little daddy kane... I'm so hip hop...
I put the sweetness in the Sugar Hill Gang.

I found a Triiibe and called it Quest
took Wuu-Tang to their first kung-fuu flick
I made a Doctor out of Dre
and told NWA to Express Themselves
Eminem was once called.... White... Skittle

i put the BOOM in the 808 KICK and the SNAP in the snare,
TORQUE in the twelve hundred and invented the DAMN sampler
I wrote the VERY first rhyme... and
sampled james brown for the very... first... time...

I busted the first move...
but i'm so klutzy.. they called it BREAK dancing because of me
so if you don't know... now you know.... I'm - so - Hip - Hop
Blondie? I had nothing to do with her... talk to Fab Five Freddie....
Track Name: Mostly Harmless
see a "take a penny leave a penny"?
I take all the pennies not leavin' you any
Monopoly money, I counterfeit
Maslow's Pyramid, I'm on the tip
the face of a clock, I spit
tore its hands off, then I split
yeah, I know I'm cool
every summertime I pee in the pool
your mother tongue I butcher
leave ya Punk'd like A. Kutcher
dangerous on the rhyme I wrote
cut the heart out of an artichoke
slice your throat with Occam's razor
blast your eyes with a class 1 laser
bruisin' fruit, that's the truth
after that, I ate a Baby - Ruth

Yeah, I'm Mostly Harmless, but I'm looking to kill time
I've got the silver bullet for boredom: Ill rhymes.
I sit around and shoot the breeze, shoot the shit,
Because I'm a punslinger every joke I make is a hit,
Hit me up for another couple punchlines,
I'll take a stab at it while I'm cutting the lunchline.
Slap down a few bucks, knock back my drink,
Can you handle a good-natured jab, do you think?
My lyrics have edge, they dart through the air,
I may even affix you with daggers in my stare.
My wit is sharp, words may jump the shark,
But you won't be injured by my cutting remark.
Hark! Bring the beats, hi hat hits, and kicks,
Have you bustin' up until you're shittin' bricks,
Get your fix of mind-blowing hip-hop,
'Cause talking smack is how you earn your chops.

Youtube Myspace I'll Google your Yahoo

Youtube Myspace I'll Google your Yahoo
Mostly Harmless, that's how we do
ATMs, I go through withdraw
Every state fair I fight a bear claw
my girl did a Mobius Strip I liked alot
then we got into a Gordian Knot
ate pie charts, shot emails
trains of thought I derail
got in an airplane and I got high, cute-
girl caught my eye, I got shy
eatin' placebos by the handful
pissed off a bull that's mechanical, said
boo to a bee, hi to my knee
Play-doh, it's in my belly
I'd cut you, if you were standing in a line
Mostly Harmless - What I call these rhymes

yo... I'll shoot you... when I fire my Canon... Powershot SD800...
and cut your head off in the picture..

hey, I told Jeff Foxworthy...
he might be a redneck
Earth is... Mostly Harmless
Ham-Star is... Mostly Harmless
funky49 is.... Mostly Harmless
Track Name: Doesn't Matter
2Pac or Biggie
Nas or Jay-Z
Kool Moe Dee or Bizzy Bee
50 cent or Kanyee
East Coast or West
A Tribe or Quest
old school, new school
G-funk or True school

Gazelles or bare feet?
white bread or wheat?
anthem or ballad
ceasar or house salad
Rice or noodles?
Apple pie or strudel?
soy, pork or cow?
Orange Chicken or General Meow?
Wii or PS3?
PS3 or 360?
Mac or PC?
OS Ten or OS X?
Amstel Lite or Becks?
Briefs or Boxers?
Bachelor or Bobby-soxer?

vinyl or CD?
cassette or mp3?
VH1 or MTV
beer or vino
G's or C-notes
King Cobra or OE?
Lennon or McCartney?
chicken or egg?
breast or leg?
Gomer Pyle or Sarge
living simple or living large
Mary Kate or Ashley
Paris or Nicole?
Paris or Tokyo?
Tokyo or Bristol?

matriarch or patriarch?
atoms or quarks
particles or waves
Sun or Plato's Cave
Newton or Einstein
beats or rhymes
instigator or abater
Nuture or nature
donkey or elephants
flapjacks or blintz
Rome or Home?
Biscuits or scones?
Playboy or Hustler?
Mayo or mustard?
KFC or Popeye's
Soul windows or eyes?

afterlife or reincarnation
Dominican or Haitian?
Apple or Krunk Juice
Jupiter or Zeus?
God's Roman or Greek?
Homogeneous or unique?
303s or TeeBees?
funky49 or steve?
Track Name: Rap-sody in Blue Period Era

abstract Picasso, aleatory
pull apart reality, reduction of complexity
in fundamental shapes, and modulated waveforms
this is how my blue period era was born

meditation contemplation introspection deep conviction
absolution and prayer
evoke the sleeping god within, from innate slumber
divine wonder wakes action and emotes the infinite

pathos my empathy cry for brutality
destroy the poverty oppressing humanity
promote divinity dignity thought put into motion
like an ocean overtake like a tsunami

evil doers cry for their mommy
self actualize sweep ignorance read some Murakami
fairness must exist in a global economy
charity my bliss meditate this on your tatami

Bob Marley wanted freedom first then peace
controlled masses want escape release
from the stocks and bonds and chains that bind
strings pulled by the man behind the Oz like money shrine

power and control are in flux
freedom is inside, the mind is the crux
of the fulcrum that leverages the freedom of the soul
monks compassion true nonviolence no harm I'm on a roll

maximize the intellect, artistry the onset
of acting out the higher consciousness that we build upon
Renaissance towers of endeavor, now to forever
progress to higher heights of culture getting clever

history foundations, solve your equations
the purpose of existence, mindset for all occasions
expressionistic dialog opens up my chakras
my motive is dharma, fully aware of my karma

believer in teachers of math who define
heaven is seven squared that's not a forty-nine
Life without emotion - isn’t, pleasant
feelers are kings, others peasants
No fear of beers, steers, queers
Ignorant thoughts, what I steer clear
paint on life’s canvas, the Art of Happiness
Salvador-Dali-Lama never feelin' repressed
refreshed with Crest, confess from the chest
the path that's best is inside the vest
here to find my own way, not to suffer,
feel no fear, only cheer, inside my buffer
ignore fight or flights, ignorance is night
never let negatives negate things bright
thoughts in my brain numbered by myri-id
This… is.. my.. rap…sody in blue period

Everyday 'Feels So Good' like Mangione
with belly full of cheese and macaroni
lift weight from peeps, leap faith in single bounds
know no bound, not be bound, read books bound
that expound the sound of one hand clapping
take time for napping, laughing, rapping, ass slapping,
yourself keep lapping, brothers keep dapping
dance like Re-run from What’s Happening
Choose attitudes, moods of positivity
Redvoid, four nine, dudes of creativity
label me a freak turning the other cheek
from those who reek of evil at it's peak
give love to cousins, fam of all sizes, alignments,
thinking patterns, show refinement not confinement
thoughts in my brain numbered by myri-id
This… is.. my.. rap…sody in blue period